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Mzekala Balkan Ensemble.

Mzekala is a group of women (and one very cool guy) who began singing together in the summer of 1991. We were drawn together by our love of world music and songs from the Balkans in particular. We found our name in 1992 while learning songs from Caucasian Georgia. Mzekala is a woman’s name from Georgia meaning “Sun Woman” — perfect for desert dwellers in Tucson!

One of our objectives is to expand our singing horizons by not only learning the songs of other countries but as much of their meaning in the different cultures as we can. Our other objective is to have fun! In more than a decade of singing together we’ve had the good fortune to work with a number of native speakers and linguists who have helped us transcribe, translate, and sing traditional music from many different countries.

For bookings or to order CDs, please contact Barb Whittlesey at our Facebook page:

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    How to reserve a seat for your Oct. 1st concert? Kristine

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