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Weekend Soundtrack – Leading Ladies of Bulgaria

Sadly, many previous posts were lost. I will bring back these posts from time to time. Here is a repeat of the post from 24 October 2011 (unfortunately, the links are not the same as in the original post)


Valya Balkanska. Photo credit: Wikipedia user Daznaempoveche.

Most everyone in Bulgaria will recognize singer Valya Balkanska – and many won’t be embarrassed to sing a bit of her most famous song, Izlel e Deljo Hajdutin (ask us, we should have taken videos!) Here’s the contemporary: Izlel E Delyo Haydutin from Bulgarian Idol. But you really need to check out the original as well: Valya Balkanska, the recording that travelled on Voyager. Don’t miss the beautiful Rhodope costume & scenery.

Readers of the blog will recognize the name of Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares. Three of the singers are famous both in their own right and as Trio Bulgarka. You’ve seen them on another post with Kate Bush. Trio Bulgarka is Yanka Rupkina from Standzha, Stoyanka Boneva from Pirin, and Eva Georgieva from Dobrudzha. In this recording of Lalitsa sung by Yanka Rupkina, there is a really amazing kaval accompaniment by Theodosii Spassov. (The kaval deserves a post of its own … perhaps another day). To see how these ladies looked in 1989, watch this performance of Zaplakala E Gorata with the Biserovi sisters (they are all identified in the comments).

The late Nadka Karadjova from the region of Thrace was another singer well known outside of Bulgaria. She was famous as part of Quartet Slavei (nightingale) as well as a soloist. Here she is singing Neno le. The ornaments – wow, they have to be heard and savored is all I can say. We should all rock the house like this 2009 performance of Moma Kalina by the quartet. Hey, I want to sing like that when I’m 70!

I’ll close the post with a lovely lady and mentor, Donka Koleva. Donka performs with her family and with Kabile Wedding Band. This song, Turci ot Kalofer Slyazoha, showcases her beautiful voice and again features many ornaments.

It’s been an eclectic tour – with many opportunities to re-visit in order to hear more leading ladies!

The Mistress of Chaos bids you enjoy your weekend!

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